New website up!

Hello everyone,

I am excited to say that the after 9 years from launch, we finally managed to refresh the website!

In theory almost all the original content is still here, but better presented and easier to find. Beyond the usual Quantum City the book details, you will be able to (re)discover many articles related to Quantum Urbanism, and our usual interests in cityness and networked culture.

New additions/articles/sample chapters will be coming as we continue the transition from the old site, and I will do my best to keep some form of blog going on the side.

What I am particularly excited about is the new discussion facilities: please do not hesitate to share and/or react to anything you find on this website – there are twitter, facebook, and linkedin buttons on all pages, and usually there should be a commenting form at the end of each article, but if not, just use the contact form.

There’s still a snagging list going on – some pages and layouts are not 100% there yet, so bear with us.


So, welcome back, spread the word, and let’s continue the quantum conversation!


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