Perfect Timing: Hyperbody releases iA#4: Quantum Architecture

Coinciding with the relaunch of, our good friends Kas Oosterhuis, Han Feng, and Xin Xia at Hyperbody have just released the 4th issue of the iA bookzine, this one focusing on Quantum Architecture. I was very happy to contribute again to the series (after the iA1 interview), and my paper, entitled “Urbanism and Architectures of the Quantum Paradigm” will be here on soon. Meanwhile, go and get yourself a copy of iA#1 and iA#4!

Here’s a list of contributors of iA#4: Quantum Architecture:

Ayssar Arida (Lebanon, England), Ran Berman (Israel), Han Feng (China), Georg Flachbart (Germany), Christian Friedrich (Germany), Chris Kievid (the Netherlands), Megan Feimen Ng (China), Kas Oosterhuis (the Netherlands), Ivan Redi (Austria), Dieter Vandoren (Belgium), Pieter E. Vermaas (the Netherlands).

The scientific reading of natural systems and phenomena has recently been adopted as the main driving force for new development in architecture. Due to the study of flocks of birds, genetic coding, fractal geometry and neural networks, various abstract computational machines have been invented. They, have facilitated our ability to realize new kinds of spatial and material organization, and hence enriched our understanding of the inner logic of space and architecture.

[…] Papers collected in iA#4 come from both the theoretical perspective that adopts quantum paradigm as the conceptual model to examine the new condition of cultural, social and spatial organization, and the computational perspective that presents a novel computational concept and strategy, based on the quantum world view and its related reflections. Quantum physicists, architects, sociologists, researchers and students come together in this issue of the iA bookzine to challenge the new territory of Quantum architecture.


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