Dr. Farid Younes, author of “The 21st Century Paradigm” at TEDxBeirut

I’ve discovered after googling Dr. Farid Younes, a great essay titled “The 21st Century Paradigm“: In fact, in the history of science development, there are three paradigmatic changes, in spite of debates about their names and dates of emergence: The Pre-Modern with Vitalism; The Modern with Mechanism (the Classic); The Post-Modern with Relativism and/or Systemism […]

Antonino Saggio Gets Model vs Metaphor in Quantum Urbanism

Antonino Saggio has written a great introduction to Kas Oosterhuis‘s recent book Towards a New Kind of Building: A Designers Guide for Non-Standard Architecture. He mentions Quantum City and puts his finger on one of the fundamental keys to understanding quantum urbanism: it allows for both model and metaphor to co-exist in a self-reflective theory: […]

TED: Aaron O’Connell puts a surfboard in two places at the same time

You hear a lot of talk about how quantum mechanics says that everything is all interconnected. Well, that’s not quite right; it’s more than that, it’s deeper. It’s that those connections, your connections to all the things around you,literally define who you are. And that’s the profound weirdness of quantum mechanics. //Aaron O’Connell