Book Reviews & Interviews

  • Lamasaat, interviewed by Nesrine Khodr, for Future News television, 3 Sept 2009.
  • iA Interactive Architecture Bookzine, Kas Oosterhuis & Xin Xia (eds), Episode Publishers, Rotterdam, #1, Mar 2007.
  • “Dialogue Kas Oosterhuis and Ayssar Arida”
  • FORM, Sweden, March 2006, p.26.
  • “Spannande Borjan / Quantum City Review”
  • FORM, Sweden, June 2005, p.52.
  • “Vad ar svensk design?”
  • Ayssar Arida: An Edge is Not a Border, interviewed by Maja Lovrenovic / Shizofrenia Culturalis, in Podroom, Sarajevo, Issue 1, May 2004.
  • Ayassar Arida: “Intuicao Consegue Construir Melhores Cidades”, interviewed by Carlos Sant’Ana, in Architectura e Vida, Lisbon, Jan 2004, pp. 60-63.
  • Urban Design Quarterly #92, Autumn 2004.
  • Annahar Cultural Review, Beirut, 22 Feb 2003.
  • Architects Journal, London, 13 Feb 2003 (see also 20 Feb 2003).
  • RUDI Bookstore, 2003.
  • Deco Magazine, Dec 2002/Mar 2003, no. 11, p.12.
  • Quantum City: la théorie des quanta et le développement de la ville du XXIe siècle, par Ayssar Arida, by May Makarem, in L’Orient-LeJour daily, Lebanon, 19 Sep 2002.
  • We built this city… with quantum mechanics, by Kristel Halter, in The Daily Star, Lebanon, 23 Aug 2002, p.10.
  • Le Dialogue des Cultures, interviewed by Jean-Luc Vannier, for NBN television, 19 July 2002.

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