Essays, Articles & Letters

  •, e-journal, 15 Oct 2008.
    “Warburg Revu (2ème Partie: Warburg2.0)”
  •, e-journal, 15 Oct 2008.
    “Warburg Revisited: Part 2: Warburg2.0”
  • CENTQUATREVUE /, online magazine, 15 Oct 2008.
    “Warburg Revu (1ère Partie: Warburg Quantique)”
  • CENTQUATREVUE /, online magazine, 15 Oct 2008.
    “Warburg Revisited (Part 1: Quantum Warburg)”
  • “Rethinking the Modern Mediterranean House – Nabil Gholam’s F House”
    in Modern Residential Design Blog, 29 Jan 2008,
    Originally published as “Assured Discretion” in Architecture Plus magazine, #9, pp52-62.
  •, e-journal, 21 June 2006.
    “Diventity: Identity, Density and Diversity”
  • LiveLanguage,org, online podcast, 23.10.2005.
    “Designers in the Age of Fear” recorded on: Sep 16 11h30 – 13h30, Lisbon, Ayssar Arida and Pedro Gadanho hosted by John Thackara.
  • OutsideEdge, e-journal #03, May 2005.
    Street Manifestos issue,
    “Sum over histories or the Garden of Forking Paths”
  • Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness, E-journal vol. 1 n. 4,pp. 147-151., March 2004.
    “The Whole in the Part, the Hole in the Part”
  • Memory & Creation, newsletter, #09, Nov 2003.
    “Therapeutic Urbanism?” (with M. Stanton).
  • Memory & Creation, newsletter, #09, Nov 2003.
    “MonoPolyPolis: Banknotes and Beirut”
  • Archis, Netherlands, #4, 2003, pp.60-68.
    “Therapeutic Urbanism?” (with M. Stanton).
  • One for All – OXO One-Pot Cookbook, Katia Hadidian (ed.), TANK Publications, London, June 2003, p.102.
    “One-Pot Cities”.
  • Architectural Review, London, June 2003, p.30.
    “Architecture in the New Paradigm”: a response to Charles Jencks’ “The New Paradigm in Architecture” (published letter)
  • Impressions Magazine, March 2003.
    “Sifting through the chaos, a (brief) manual for navigating the streets of Beirut”.
  • Architects’ Journal, London, 20 Feb 2003, p.17.
    “Reviewer Misses Point of Quantum City Reality”, (published letter).
  • Guardian Friday Review, London, 21 Feb 2003.
    “RE: Filming Keenan’s Ordeal”, (published letter).
  • Lebanon Opportunities, 8 real estate articles published between Feb 1999 and June 2001.


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