Books and Chapters

  • Quantum City | BH Architectural Press, Oxford,UK, 2002.
    Quantum City develops a metaphorical conceptual language based on quantum theory and the new sciences of the digital age, to analyse and better understand the forces that shape cities and city life in the 21st century.
  • iA: Quantum Architecture | Jap Sam Books, Kas Oosterhuis, Han Feng, and Xin Xia ed., 2011.
    Papers collected in iA#4 come from both the theoretical perspective that adopts quantum paradigm as the conceptual model to examine the new condition of cultural, social and spatial organization, and the computational perspective that presents a novel computational concept and strategy, based on the quantum world view and its related reflections. Quantum physicists, architects, sociologists, researchers and students come together in this issue of the iA bookzine to challenge the new territory of Quantum architecture.
  • Design Dictionary: Perspectives on Design Terminology | Birkhauser, Tim Marshall and Michael Erlhoff ed., 2007.
    A main reference lexicon for everyone interested in the world of design.
  • New Urbanism and Beyond: Designing Cities for the Future | Rizzoli, Tigran Hasic ed., 2008.
    An authoritative collection of the most influential contemporary writing on the city, by some of the world’s most important urbanists.
  • Threshold Generations: Worlds and Worldviews (working title) | In development.
    The Threshold Generation spotlights the current generation of 30 and 40-somethings who have to bridge two very different cultural paradigms, from socio-cultural shifts to technological and media related shifts. Particular accent is directed towards the transition from a top-down authoritarian passage of knowledge, to a horizontal, pseudo-authoritative access to information.
  • Quantum Environments: Architecture in the Post-Cartesian Paradigm | Birkhauser, forthcoming.
    This book applies the ideas introduced in QuantumCity to the domain of architecture, asking what is the City 2.0 and beyond.