Diventity : density + diversity => identity

Diventity is a concept that links diversity, density, and identity, and I define it as such: Diventity allows identity to recursively emerge from the density of diversity, when that density reaches a critical mass. I propose one simple caveat urban design should strive to implement: “Good urban space optimises Diventity”[1]. Readers interested in the “new […]

Ayssar Arida, Quantum Urbanism

“Quantum theory seemed to describe a world of complementary dualities, of both/and values, of uncertainty, of choices at all scales, of interactive relationships, emergent qualities and of sustainable vibrant ecologies … a language that described best the complex artefact that is the city: the urbs AND the civitas, the stones AND the emotions… The language […]

Rem Koolhaas vs Quantum Theory

  REM KOOLHAAS (S, M, L, XL)   QUANTUM THEORY (subatomic) “If there is to be a ‘new urbanism’ it will not be based on the twin fantasies of order and omnipotence; it will be the staging of uncertainty; it will no longer be concerned with the arrangement of more or less permanent objects but with […]