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[Save the Date] Ayssar Arida at TU-Berlin / 11 June 2013

If you’re in Berlin Tuesday 11.06, join us for a 5pm talk at the Technical University of Berlin Chair for Urban Design and Architecture.


Dienstag 11. Juni, 17:00 Uhr

Ayssar Arida, Quantum City


Ayssar Arida is a practicing urbatect, writer, educator and entrepreneur.

As an “urban design thinker”, his work ranges from digital interface design to large-scale city planning and strategy.

Ayssar is the leading proponent of Quantum Urbanism, which looks at the city as a field of interaction between physical, emotional, natural,

and digital events bridged by individual memories and collective consciousness.

Inspired by Beirut’s chaotic forms of physical and social order, his book Quantum City (2002) is influencing urban design education and

practice worldwide.

Ayssar’s published research deals with issues of transdisciplinarity and design thinking, archiving memory, diversity and identity and post-

war urbanism. He literally wrote the definitions for urban design and urban planning in Design Dictionary (2008); as one of the group

Manuel Castells calls “some of the brightest urban minds of today”, he co-authored New Urbanism and Beyond (2007).

Ayssar holds an MA in Urban Design with distinction from Oxford Brookes University, and a Bachelor of Architecture from the American

University of Beirut. He is the co-founder of the Centre for the Spatial Realm, aiming to raise public awareness of urban space through

science and art.


TU Berlin, Strasse des 17. Juni, Architekturgebäude am Ernst Reuter Platz

Halle 7 (= 7. Etage)

U2 Ernst-Reuter Platz

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